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Company description:
Turbomach is a fully integrated part of Solar Turbines, the leading manufacturer of mid-range industrial gas turbines on natural gas (and/or different fuels).

Turbomach has over 60 years of experience. The Solar Turbines family has over 6000 employees worldwide, of which around 400 are located at Turbomach in Switzerland.

Turbomach is fully dedicated to its power generation markets, which are served through our people around the world.

We are part of Caterpillar Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas reciprocating engines and industrial gas turbines.

Product and services:
Offers a comprehensive range (between 1 and 22 MWe) gas turbine fully equipped:

In addition to the large supply of gas turbines, Turbomach can also provide all equipment necessary to complete and cogeneration systems for power plants up to 50 MW.

Working closely with customers Turbomach developed the concept and scope for the best solutions for providing energy. Working with strategic partners, Turbomach team control in detail the manufacture, supply and construction of the plant.

Specific information:
  • Tested and standardized components;
  • High reliability and availability;
  • Full functionality testing and working conditions;
  • Fast and secure delivery;
  • Condition designed to reduce civil works;
  • Reduced total investments because rapid installation and integration;
  • Reliable and convenient maintenance, ensuring long-term servicing and follow-through technology InSight centralized operation;
  • Maximize customer benefit, the entire life of equipment
  • Gas turbines produce clean energy, with very low exhaust emissions (SoLoNOx system)
Romania (details at the website portfolio of clients):
  • Chimcomplex Borzesti
  • CET Bacau
  • Communal Services Radauti
Abroad (see website Turbomach):
  • Solar / Turbomach have delivered more than 13,000 turbines in 95 countries, with a total of over 1.4 billion hours of operation.


Company Overview:
TRIVENI TURBINES LTD is a specialized company in steam turbines manufacturing, with over 40 years of experience.

Triveni Steam turbines are custom-made for each project, having a large applicability scale in over 18 types of industries.

With over 11 offices of customer-care, located in India, TRIVENI TURBINES LTD successfully ensures 24 / 24 hours and 7day per week, technical support.

Also, TRIVENI TURBINES LTD has a join-venture with G.E. for turbines manufacturing over 30 MWe.

Products & Services:
TRIVENI TURBINES LTD offer a wide scale of turbines, between 0,1 and 100 MWe.

The offered turbines covers all types of industial aplication and consists in:
  • Back-Pressure Steam Trubines, straight or with / without 1-2 controlled extraction;
  • Condensing Steam Turbines, straight or with / without 1-2 controlled extraction;
The main services of TRIVENI TURBINES LTD consist in:
  • Tailor-made design and manufacturing
  • Erection and commissioning technical assistance
  • Trainings
  • On-line support 24 / 7
Characteristics & Strengths:
  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Applicability in over 18 types of industrial applications
  • Over 100 experienced & specialized engineers
  • Annual manufacturing capacity: over 150 turbines
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates and CE mark
  • Turbines refurbishment up to 200 MWe
  • Fast delivery, erection and commissioning
  • Medium availability: 99%
  • Tailor made turbines
  • Ensures Annual Maintenance
  • 24 / 7 On-line support or via local Triveni partner
Romania (more details can be found in portfolio section):
  • SC Dalkia TermoPrahova SA (2014)
  • SC Greenprav SRL Busteni (work in progress)
World Wide :
TRIVENI TURBINE LTD delivered over 4500 of turbo-gen sets in 45 countries from: Europe, Asia, Africa, South America.

More details can be found on the following link:


Company description:
OPRA Turbines is a leading global provider of turbine powered energy solutions. We develop, manufacture, market and service turbine generating sets in the 2 MW power range for use in single or multiple installations.

The OP16 powered generator sets can be provided in a variety of configurations to meet specific customer requirements and have enjoyed great market success worldwide.

OPRA Turbines was founded by Jan and Hiroko Mowill in 1991. Jan Mowill previously initiated and led the gas turbine division at Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk, a major Norwegian industrial conglomerate. At Kongsberg, Mowill developed and commercialized, the worlds’ first radial turbine engine for industrial applications in 1964. For his achievements he was awarded the Royal Norwegian Science Council Honorary Prize by King Olav V of Norway, in 1976.

The 2MW class OP16 engine exhibits world-class efficiency, low emissions combustion and multi-fuel capability and is unique in its power range. It is a compact and reliable engine suitable for the oil and gas, marine, industrial and commercial power markets. In the 2 MW power range OPRA’s all radial configuration offers exceptional robustness and performance compared to conventional axial turbine. The OP16 gas turbine is rated at 1900KWe shaft power in ISO condition. When driving a generator rated at 97% efficiency, the OP16 shaft horsepower translates to 1840 KWe electrical power.

Specific Information:

The all-radial turbine rotor is sophisticated simplicity at its best, resulting in a robust design for high reliability and dependability. Its unique configuration, efficient flow path and advanced metallurgy results in a compact gas turbine suitable for the harshest conditions.

The OP16 industrial turbine offers the highest fuel efficiency in its power range. When used in a Combined Heat and Power system overall thermal efficiency of 90% can be achieved.

The turbine’s compact size is a direct result of the all-radial rotor design and a much shorter flow path through the engine. The compact rotor allows a smaller generator set footprint and reduced installation requirements.

The turbine operates equally well on liquid and gaseous fuels and can switch under full load when specified as a dual fuel unit. The turbine runs well on low calorific value fuels such as bio gas.

Advanced combustion technology allows the turbine to achieve guaranteed NOx exhaust levels of 25 ppm or less. Optional equipment may provide even lower levels when required.

The turbine’s moderate pressure ratio of 6.7:1 reduces the requirement for gas fuel boost compressors compared to other gas turbines.

With a high fuel efficiency, compact installation, and excellent reliability, the generator set offers both low installation and operating costs.

  • OPRA’s diverse customer base ranges from the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi to major oil and gas companies operating offshore in the North Sea and Brazil.
  • The OP16 has proven itself as a reliable power source onshore and offshore, from the extreme colds of Siberia to the hot and dusty environments in the Middle East.
Lukoil, Shell, Fuji-Film, Gazprom, Chevron.


Company description:
Selnikel is specialized in heating and air-conditioning industry for 56 years, manufactures international standard steam boilers and hot water boilers in various types and sizes together with waste heat boilers and equipment, industrial type boilers and industrial type ventilators in a service way. Selnikel is a well – known brand in its sector with expert staff and its expertise in turnkey complete heat stations.

Selnikel provides integrated service in preparing specifications, site assessment, providing the best offer that suits the needs, project and design, manufacture, preparation of electricity projects and pictures, production, production control, complete installation and commissioning of the system, providing trainings for the staff of the client, providing full service throughout the guarantee period and periodic maintenance.

In recent years Selnikel has been exporting high pressure ship-boilers to Germany where strict quality control procedures are applied.

Product range:
  • Hot/Warm Water Boilers
  • Fire tube type Steam Boilers
  • Waste heat recovery Boilers
  • Auxiliary equipment (water storage tank, pump, cyclone, etc)
  • Burners
  • Fans
  • Combustion Management Systems
  • Boiler House Automation
Specific Information:
  • Selnikel is leader of development in industrial heating sector and develops products and services in order to provide efficient solutions.
  • Selnikel provides its customers with the information concerning all products and services provided
  • Selnikel assumes increasing total efficiency in all products among its primary duties
  • Selnikel as a modern institution assumes developing its organizational structure, managing its financial resources in the best possible way and tailoring management structure in accordance with modern methods among its duties on the way to the vision of being a leader company.

The products are certified by CE, Gost-R, TUV mark/sign.


Host BV

Company description:
HoSt it is an contracting organization specialist in designing and turn key delivery of the bio-energy installations.
HoSt was started in 1991 as a doughter company of HOLEC PROJECTS and STORK BOILERS, big dutch supliers of equipments in energy industry.
In the present the main activity of HoSt company is focused on co-generation of electricity and heat through processes like: anaerobic fermentation , burning, gasification. Innovative HoSt it is active in research and applies the newest discoveries in the main field of interest of renewable market.
HoSt in the Netherlands is the most active turn key contractor of the energy out of biomass installations. After developing market of the biogas installation in the Netherlands, from 2004 HoSt won a share market of 60% or so and completed over 30 installations.
10 years experience in the supply of biogas installations for farmers and industry.
Highly qualified training of the design people, project management and plants exploitation.

Product and services:
Well experienced in energy systems, HoSt makes design and provides next type of installations:
  • Biogas installations for producing and valorification of biogas by cogeneration of electricity and heat;
  • Wood fired combustion installations for cogeneration of electricity and heat;
  • Gasification installations for difficult fuels for cogeneration of electricity and heat;
HoSt provides, based on contracts, after sales services :
  • Assistance in exploitation of the installations;
  • Service through local partners;
Distinctive: co-fermentation of manure, agricultural waste and agricultural crops.

Generated power > 200 kWeh

Distinctive: for exclusive cow manure fermentation, farms of approx. 160 cows.

Generated power < 100 kWeh

Distinctive: for 100% organic waste fermentation , over 15000 tone/an.

Generated power > 350 kWeh

A direction targeted by Host BV with growing potential for developing biogas installations in the industrial field is the one of meat producers (slaughter houses from food industry) and the companies providing treatment/processing/destruction of the slaughter waste category 2,3 ( cf. EU DIR 1774/2002)

Specific information:
Experience with a wide and varied spectrum of MENU’s ( feeding menu’s), including installations with 100% feed from industry of organic waste classified according EU DIRECTIVE 1774/2002.
HoSt provides in the end installations with dedicated design suitable for different distinctive requirements of our clients.

  • First signed contract for a biogas installation
  • Host delivered over 40 turn key biogas installations and has in work over 6 signed contracts for the current year

Water and waste water treatment


Company description:
ASTIM A.S. is a manufacturer and supplier for municipal wastewater treatment equipments.

Products and services:
Astim Company is able to produce methallic structures of over 5000tones/year and its establishment has helds almost 6000m2 covered and 8000m2 open air manufacturing and storage area.

Their products are:
  • Coarse and Fine Screens;
  • Material handling systems (screw and belt conveyors);
  • Grit & Grease scraper bridges;
  • Grit separators;
  • Peripheral or Central Driven Scraping systems (for primary and secondary settlement tanks);
  • Thickeners, Filter presse, Belt filter presses;
  • Water Flow Control devices (penstocks and stop logs);
  • Polymer preparation units;
  • Package or Skid mounted Water and Wastewater Treatment Units;
  • Other metallic structures.
The materials used are according Client/Beneficiary request (stainless steel, hot deep galvanized steel or epoxy raisin protected steel, GRP etc)

The 30 years of Astim experience and also its design department allow not only the development of a standard products range but also the adaptation of solutions and supplied equipments according to each project requests.

Veolia, Strabag, WTE, PWT, Wabag, EMIT Italia, OTV, Degremont, BIWATER etc.

Romanian references:
Apa Nova Bucuresti, AQUATIM Timisoara, S.C. Compania Regionala de Apa Bacau S.A., APAVITAL Iasi, S.C Compania de Apa Oradea S.A., S.C Compania de Apa Oltenia S.A.

Christiani Wassertechnik GmbH

Company description:
The company was founded in 1948 by Hans Otto Christiani.
Since 1975 the development of physical water treatment units was added to the portfolio.
Today CWT produce and distributes water treatment systems in over 35 countries.

Products and services:
CWT - Christiani Wassertechnik GmbH company produce and export own conception electronic equipment, which enables protection of heating pipes and equipments to prevent the formation of scale, respectively the limescale and rust decomposition. The aim is to extend the life of equipment and heating pipes, with minimum investment and maximum effect.

Vulcan series:

Vulcan is an electronic system wich prevent limescale, basd on pulse technology (24 V), which protects against:
  • descaling;
  • formation of rust;
  • prevent of corrosion

The advantages of using electronic devices Vulcan:
  • Cleaning of pipes and decrease of pressure drop in installation;
  • Increasing of the intervals between repairs and mentenance (heat exchangers and cooling towers);
  • Higher the efficientization of the heating consumption;
  • Reducing of the effort for cleaning sanitary areas;
  • Eco-friendly solution without using salt or other chemicals.
References: on website

Industrial applications


Company description:
An expert in advanced technology systems for special applications

Mersen is number one in its main activities:
  • High temperature graphite
  • Equipment for chemical industry
  • Electrical equipment protection
Mersen is one of the top players who have developed carbon-based industrial applications worldwide, with an over 100 years experience in the field.
Expert in a variety of equipment, the group now excels in implementing high-tech solutions in aggressive industrial environments.

Products and services:
The main equipment designed and manufactured by Mersen:
  • Heat exchangers, pressure vessels, mixers, columns
  • Systems and units of skidding
  • Pipelines and accessories
A wide range of materials:
  • Graphite, silicon carbide
  • Tantalum, zirconium
  • Titanium and nickel alloys
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel
Products for severe industrial processes:
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical
  • Metallurgy
  • Environment, Energy (nuclear, solar)
Specific Information:
Special products with applications in the following areas:
  • Steel industry
  • Aluminium Industry
  • Sugar Processing Industry
References: see website


The unique Floating Cover System for Slurry Tanks
The unique and patented Hexa-Cover® system is a brilliant cover on slurry and manure.

Hexa-Cover® is the ideal solution for eliminating: evaporation, organic growth, emission and odor.
Today Hexa-Cover® is in use on almost all forms of basins, lagoons, reservoirs, contain-ers, ponds and tanks and is used in several ap-plications: Pig, Mink, Poultry, Cow (dependent on Solid Materials)

Easy installation:
Hexa-Cover® is delivered in big-bags, and is easily poured onto the surface where it will distribute itself automatically, and form a closed cover (as shown in the next pictures).

Features and benefits:
  • Automatic distribution on the surface
  • Automatic adaption to changes in level
  • Fits to all sizes and can be adjusted to both larger and smaller needs
  • Fits to all geometries
  • No special equipment is required for the installation (apart from a small crane capa-ble of lifting 300 kg)
  • No repair cost
  • No maintenance cost
  • No supervision
  • No insurance cost
  • No others operational cost
  • 25 years lifetime
  • A substantial value if sold secondhand

Environmentally friendly.
Hexa-Cover® tiles are manufactured from recycled plastic with no use of Freon or the like!

Dimensions of the Hexa-Cover® tile:
  • Diagonal measure: 228 mm
  • Weight: 295 g
  • Height: 70 mm
  • Number of tiles per m2: 28

Dimensions of big-bags:
  • 125 x 125 x 250 cm: 34 m2
  • Weight per big-bag: approx 285 kg
  • Load per 12 m truck (trailer): approx 1000 m2
  • Load per 2 x 8 m truck: approx 1250 m2

Download material:

Vichem Group

Company description:
Doing ingineering services for over 60 years, worldwide and with an international team, Vichem S.A. has become a leading supplier of advanced oxidation systems to destroy gas, liquid and solid waste. VICHEM S.A. offers a large number of pollution contol systems including: thermal oxidation systems, gas filtration, thermal energy recovery, absorption and adsorption systems, stripping, etc.
Vichem has developed a key know-how in the following branches of activities:
  • Vichem engineering;
  • Industrial waste treatment engineering;
  • Design of plants for the production and purification of phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizers;
  • HCl synthesis plants
  • Water treatment
Products and services:
The group of companyes offers Engineering, Technologies, and Construction Services for waste treatment, phosphate based products, drinking water and other process.

VICHEM S.A. has the engineering expertise to provide customers with a turnkey system, or supply of the equipment based on engineering studies and technical assistance for start-up and commissioning of their.
In addition, VICHEM also offers a full range of services including consulting, expertise, inspection, maintenance, training, retrofitting and debottlenecking.

VICHEM custom designs, manufactures and services systems for new installations and upgrades.

Many industrial branches such as refineries, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other processes unavoidably produce hazardous waste or non-hazardous waste in solid, liquid and/or gas form. Whereas all strive to minimize the quantity of this waste, there are often waste emissions and effluents that international or local authorities require to dispose of in compliance with environmental norms.

VICHEM offers a vast number of pollution control systems including: thermal oxidation, gas filtration, thermal energy recovery, gas washing, absorption and adsorption systems, stripping, quench systems and pure acid production, De-NOx systems, just to name a few.

References: on website

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