Aptech group is a group of companies characterized by great flexibility and efficiency, but also by the fact that it pays special attention to the new growing markets.
The resources of the group are in the service of its companies:


Founded in 2003, Aplind still maintains its original orientation, at the same time constantly diversifying and perfecting the services offered inside the group.

Activities and services:
  • Energy applications - specific equipment and reengineering
  • Biomass - turn-key firing equipment and installations
  • Biogas - complete equipment and installations
  • Environment - destruction installations for industrial and urban waste
  • Consultancy, evaluations
  • Project management
Aplind has got the necessary experience and resources in all these fields.

Tehnoing Consult

The Company was born in 2004 and it is the cogeneration specialist of Aptech Group.

Activities and services:
  • Project Development
  • Engineering, equipment deliveries or turn-key cogeneration projects
  • Financing Programs
  • Equipment after sales services

Schmidt Systems

The company was born in 2005.

Activities and services:
  • Special equipment for industrial applications
  • Engineering
  • Project Management

Group History

March 1999 - The first company in the future Aptech Group comes into being, that is Schmidt-Bretten Technology (SBT), a Romanian-German join-venture specialized in producing and selling heat transfer equipment
2000 – Production and delivery of first district heating thermal substations under own brand
2001 – Development of products portfolio fabricated in the Romanian factory: expansion / filling units, pressure boosting systems, thermostatic plants for industrial application
2002 – Starting the export of compact thermal substations produced by Schmidt-Bretten Technology
2003 - 2005 – SBT becomes the leader of Romanian market for district heating applications
  • The first cooperations with TURBOMACH SA and first projects on industrial market in cooperation with VICHEM
October 2003 – Aplind comes into being
May 2004 – Tehnoing Consult is born
October 2005 – Schmidt Systems is born
2006 – Schmidt-Bretten Technology full shares package is acquired by multinational Danish Group Danfoss. SBT company steps out from Aptech Group.
2007-2008 – Strengthening of cooperation with TURBOMACH SA on the occasion of the first projects rounded off in Romania
2009-2014 – Growth of technical team
  • The companies inside Aptech group extend the number of their partnerships
  • Enlargement of interest area by involvement in environmental protection projects, renewable energies, etc.